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Ici Brazza

Antoine Boutet


Ici Brazza: a wasteland in its final throes. 53 hectares of “negotiated urban land” are to be transformed into anfriendly district – an extensive real estate programthe spirit of the times. As the chronicle of a wasteland undergoing transformation, Brazza the annoucement of a “new art of living” in the unrefined reality of the land. Mud seeps under the veneer of words and promising models, squatters find their way in, frogs become restless, causing a complete reshuffling of the maps and the plans designed by promoters and architects. Arousing both desire and fright, the different stages of the changing landscape provide us with a glimpse into the city of the future.


  • Antoine is a French artist and filmmaker based in Bordeaux. Over the last ten, art galleries in France and around the world have exhibited his videos, an urban world of impossible bridges and canals, walled-offtourist sites, crisscrossed by ant mazes. For15 years, his award-winning documentaries have explored the politicalof landscapes : South to North (2014) – about the biggest waterdiversion project in the world, Zone of initial dilution (2006) – about theGorges Dam in China, Le plein pays – about a hermit living in France.

  • In 2011, Julie Paratian creates SISTER productions (an anagram of Resist) with an international, feminist and engaged approach. She is based in Bordeaux and works with French directors as well as with international talents. SISTER produced around 30 films noticed in major festivals.


Production : Sister Productions (Julie Paratian)
Statut : Shooting and editing
Completion : 2022
Screening version length : 21 mn
Expected final length : 90-120 mn
Funds : CNC (FAI+ développement cinéma), Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, CNAP Image/Mouvement, Procirep-Angoa


production :

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