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Venise n’existe pas

Jean-Claude Rousseau
1984 France 10'
© Jean-Claude Rousseau
© Jean-Claude Rousseau
© Jean-Claude Rousseau

” Should he lean outside of the window, shoud he move and risk to fall or let the camera fal, should he lean until he fell, he would see, one would see, beyond the frame, inhabited islands, churches and palaces where boats land. “

By concluding with a postcard that remains blurred for a very long time – in which the motif of the letter, combined with the ringing of the telephone, refers to the theme of the addressee – Venice Does Not Exist exposes the difficult crystallisation of the image. From the bed to the window, from the bedroom to the journey, the filmmaker attempts to get close to an image that is hidden from view, deferred or even dispatched from one place to another. Is the handwritten title at the end of the film, Venice does not exist, the message on the back of the postcard seen earlier? And is the film itself an enclosed postcard?
(Erik Bullot, L’image dans la fenêtre,

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