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Réel remix

An installation by Yves de Peretti

Celebrating 45 editions of Cinéma du réel at the Centre Pompidou, before the prestigious venue closes for five years. Over the years, the traditional geography of documentary cinema has been shaken up: the places where films are made and the boundaries of genres. The installation will feature extracts from films that have won awards at Cinéma du réel from 1979 to the present day, illustrating the diversity of forms and practices. In paying tribute to the Bpi for its pioneering role in legitimising documentary film as an art form in its own right, we want to trace the festival’s fidelity to its initial objectives: a political opening onto
the world and a desire to question the documentary genre, while opening up to new forms and emerging artistic practices that constantly broaden its scope.

Yves de Peretti

Le Cinéma du réel en miroir

The Réel remix installation is a work in progress that will lead to a feature-length film on the history of the “Cinéma du réel” festival, for which I want to collect and film testimonies from friends and fervent spectators.

The festival is a place where “films hold hands in time”, to use the beautiful expression of Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Müller, one of the artistic directors who built its foundation. It’s also a place where spectators’ memories live on.

If you’re a regular visitor to this annual event, you probably have some vivid memories, anecdotes or coincidences to tell? What plays out (or has played out) here for you? What is being reflected? What traces has the Réel left in your lives?

Come and share your memories in our temporary studio on level -1 of the Centre Pompidou. Yves de Peretti will be welcoming you on 28/29/30/31 March from 3pm to 6pm, or by appointment. Thanks in advance!