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Geschichte der Nacht

Clemens Klopfenstein
1979 Switzerland 63'
© Clemens Klopfenstein

Night-time scenes filmed in various large cities of nineteen European countries, where shadow and light play a key role (the film’s very visible grain accentuates the effect of night).
This is a nocturnal architecture in which the streets are perceived differently than in the vibrant light of day: they are almost empty, yet full of many absent presences. These banal places become places of fantasized memories. (Cinéma Spoutnik)

“Here, the subject of night is by definition inexhaustible. It tells of the night in towns, small or large, in villages or metropolises, silent or soundfilled, lifeless or agitated. Each recognises what they can… Klopfenstein’s unsystematic, non-metaphysical editing also remains very mysterious.” (Serge Daney, Cahiers du cinéma)

Production :
ZDF / SRG SSR/RSI - RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera / Ina / Ombra Films
Photography :
Clemens Klopfenstein
Sound / Editing :
Jean-Pierre Grumbach, Hugo Sigrist
Scenario :
Clemens Klopfenstein, Serena Kiefer
Copy Contact :
Clemens Klopfenstein

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