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Green Line – The cat-child

Sylvie Ballyot

With the help of miniature sets and figurines, Fida confronts ex-militiamen who operated during her childhood in West Beirut, the same militiamen who claimed to protect her but who actually frightened her so much.

Sylvie Ballyot

After having gratuated from the Fémis film school, Sylvie Ballyot went on exploring a variety of cinematographic forms: diaries, creative documentaries, short and medium-length fictions. Her latest film, Green Line, is the culmination of the process of exploration, both in its formal structure as well as in its theme and territory which she tackled in previous works, the Middle East. With Green Line, she invents her own language, allying realism with dreamlike imagery, and fiction with documentary. Here, she pursues her exploration of the frontier between the individual and the community, between the intimate and the collective.

Production stage :
Editing in progress
Completion date :
First half of 2024
Screening version length :
93 min
Expected final lenght :
93 min
Production :
Céline Loiseau (TS Productions), coproduction with Jean-Laurent Csinidis (Les Films du Force majeure) et Luc Camilli (Xbox Films)
Production contact :
Funding :
CNC (Aide au développement), Région Normandie (Aide à la réécriture), Région Occitanie (Aide au développement et à la production), Région Sud (Aide au développement et à la production), Région Ile-de-France (Aide après-réalisation), Doha Film Institute (Aide à la post-production), Scam (Brouillon d'un rêve), Sacem

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