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Mati Diop
2024 Benin, France, Senegal 68' Français, fon, anglais
© Les Films du Bal / Fanta Sy
© Les Films du Bal / Fanta Sy
© Les Films du Bal / Fanta Sy

November, 2021. Twenty-six royal treasures of the Kingdom of Dahomey are about to leave Paris to return to their country of origin, the present-day Republic of Benin. Along with thousands of others, these artifacts were plundered by French colonial troops in 1892. But what attitude to adopt to these ancestors’ homecoming in a country that had to forge ahead in their absence? While the soul of the artifacts is freed, debate rages among students of the University of Abomey-Calavi.

Golden Bear – Berlin Film Festival 2024

French Premiere

Production :
Les Films du Bal / Fanta Sy
Distribution :
Les Films du Losange
Photography :
Joséphine Drouin Viallard
Sound :
Corneille Houssou / Nicolas Becker / Cyril Holtz
Editing :
Gabriel Gonzalez
Music :
Dean Blunt / Wally Badarou
Copy contact :
Sarah Calfond -

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