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Nicolas Klotz
Elisabeth Perceval
2023 France 28' French
©Perspective Films, NKEP (Mata Atlantica)
©Perspective Films, NKEP (Mata Atlantica)

“Charged with the turmoil of the (not-so) distant war in Ukraine, Cosmocide 2022 is akin to an audiovisual bouquet of glimpses from the fervent present that are deposited on the tomb of history. Both avant-gardist and primitive, the film bristles with formal invention, yet its aim goes well beyond passive pleasures of the eye. Between barbed wire and the invisible shore, the directors muse on our turbulent times, reinstating their belief in the image as a transformative, uncharted force of this world. More intense than ever, the duo’s relationship with the camera allows for the perpetual rejuvenation of our gaze.”
(Victor Morozov – Viennale 2023)

Production :
Perspective Films, NKEP (Mata Atlantica)
Photography :
Nicolas Klotz
Sound :
Nicolas Klotz, Elisabeth Perceval
Editing :
Nicolas Klotz, Elisabeth Perceval
Copy contact :
Perspective Films

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