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Accreditations are now closed.

  • Professional nominative accreditations – 50€

Accreditations can be distributed to film industry professionals (filmmakers, producers, festival programmers, distributors, associations, multimedia libraries… ) upon presentation of supporting documents.

  • Professional collective accreditation – 70€

Professional collective accreditation can be distributed to industry structures (production company, cinema exhibitors, festivals, VOD, TV). During the festival, it is used in turn by up to four team members.

  • Press accreditations – free

If you are a journalist, you are eligible for a free press accreditation, subject to presentation of a press card and approval by the festival.

Your accreditation gives you access, within availability, to:

  • All festival screenings
  • Festival conversations
  • ParisDOC : Morning sessions, Public Forum and Classic documentary film rendez-vous
  • Professional drinks
  • Opening and closing screenings (reservations required, subject to availablity)
  • The online video library

How to collect your accreditation

Once your request has been confirmed, you can collect your accreditation at the Accreditation Office, level -1 of the Centre Pompidou.

The accreditation office will be open from 22 to 31 March from 11AM to 9PM.

Access to screening rooms

To enter the screening rooms, please show your accreditation as well as a free ticket.

For screenings taking place at the Centre Pompidou, free tickets can be obtained :

  • until the day before the screening: online on the Centre Pompidou’s ticketing website
  • the day of the screening : on site, at the Centre Pompidou ticket office

Prioritize screenings at the Centre Pompidou, where seats available to accreditation holders can be booked online and are notre limited in numbers. Please only book tickets for the screenings you are sure to attend (as places are reserved, they can not be reallocated in the case of your absence). We thank you in advance for your courtesy.

For screenings taking place at the Forum des images and at mk2 Beaubourg you will not be able to book your seat in advance, and the number of seats allocated to accreditation holder is limited. We advise you to collect your ticket about 30 min. before the beginning of the screening.

For further information, please contact Emmanuelle Bernard-Holden:
+33 (0) 1 44 78 12 26 –