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Sarah Maldoror

After studying theater and participating in the creation of the first black troupe in Paris, “the Griots”, Sarah Maldoror, of Guadeloupe origin, left to study cinema in Moscow. Her first productions took her to Africa, where she shot anti-colonialist films, very representative of committed cinema in the 1970s. She obtained in 1969, with Monagambée, shot in Algeria, the prize for best director at the Carthage Cinematographic Days. With her first feature, Rifles for Banta (1970), shot in Guinea-Bissau, Sarah Maldoror took the path of the maquis and engaged in difficult productions, on the fringes of official circuits. Sambizanga (1972), filmed in the Congo, earned him the Golden Tanit at the Carthage Film Days. She passed away in April 2020.