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Med Hondo

Born in 1936 in Mauritania, Med Hondo is known in the world of dubbing and to the general public as the French voice of African-American actors such as Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman or Richard Pryor. Arrived in France at the end of the 1950s, he exercised many professions (docker, cook) before embarking on the cinema with, as a credo, anti-colonialism and a taste for rebellion. His first film Soleil Ô, released in 1969, is a scathing attack on colonialism. Will come after Les Bicots-nègres, vos voisins, West Indies ou les nègres marrons de la liberté (1979), a musical about the slave trade, and Sarraounia, evocation of the queen of the same name (1987).
(from Le Monde, March 2019)