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Luc Moullet

Luc Moullet, born in 1937, joined Cahiers du cinéma at the age of 18 alongside Truffaut, Rivette, Godard, Chabrol and Rohmer. He made his first films in 1960. From 1966, he became an actor as well as a producer (of his own films but also of Eustache and Duras). To date, he has signed 38 films of all formats, from short to feature, and of all genres (comedy, adventure, western, erotic film, diary, road-movie, documentary, detective…). All of them are linked by a golden and Ariadne’s thread, stretched from beginning to end: the comic. He is presented as the only burlesque filmmaker of the New Wave, he just has to look at humanity and society around him to reveal its flaws. Cinema has many historians but few geographers: Luc Moullet is one of them. Originally from the Southern Alps, he has never stopped filming the relief.