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Jean-Pierre Gorin

Jean-Pierre Gorin, born in 1943 in Paris, is a French director. He studied at the Sorbonne and attended the seminars of Louis Althusser (including the one devoted to the definition of the theory of the state ideological apparatus), Jacques Lacan and Michel Foucault.
From 1965 to 1968, Jean-Pierre Gorin worked for the newspaper Le Monde as an editor, and took part in the creation of its weekly literary supplement, Le Monde des livres. During this period, he wrote dozens of articles that fueled the political and aesthetic debates that would eventually lead to the May 1968 uprising. He then founded the Dziga Vertov Group with Jean-Luc Godard, a film collective that produced and directed Maoist-oriented militant films until 1972.
Jean-Pierre Gorin left France in 1975 to teach at the University of California in San Diego.
The Entrevues film festival in Belfort devoted a retrospective to him in 2004.