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Antoine d’Agata

Antoine d’Agata, born in Marseille in 1961, left France in 1983 for ten years. While in New York in 1990, he enrolled at the International Centre of Photography where he studied with Larry Clark and Nan Goldin. In 1993, he returns to France and interrupts his work as a photographer for four years. In 1998, his first books, De Mala Muerte and De Mala Noche were published. The following year, he joined the gallery Vu, which had been recently created by Christian Caujolle.
In 2001, he received the Niepce prize. In September 2003, the exhibition 1001 Nuits was inaugurated in Paris, accompanied by the publication of two books, Vortex and Insomnia. In 2004, he joined the Magnum agency, published his fifth book, Stigma, and shot his first short film, El Cielo del muerto. The following year Manifesto was published. In 2006, the photographer shot his second film, Aka Ana, in Tokyo. Since 2005, Antoine D’Agata has been photographing around the world, without any ties.