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Agnès Perrais

Agnès Perrais, born in Paris, began by directing documentaries (Tant que nous sommes à bord, 2014, Magari!, 2019), while at the same time completing a doctoral thesis on the links between lyricism and politics in cinema. Then she meets the practice of argentic cinema thanks to the shared laboratories l’Etna and l’Abominable (Navire Argo). Within a diverse plastic research (collages, rayograms…), she currently pursues her cinematographic work in film, around the articulation between politics and imagination, working both documentary forms (Ciompi, 2023) and short poetic forms (Marin miroir, 2021, Navire, co-directed with Lysa Heurtier Manzanares, 2017).
She is actively involved in several collectives (L’Etna, La Poudrière, Le Navire Argo) and is a founding member of the association La Surface de dernière diffusion.