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Programme preview I 46th edition

Each year, Cinéma du Réel brings together the filmmakers behind contemporary documentary production around the globe. 
Through works that unsettle the mind, jostle the imagination, and confront us with different desires, aspirations and dreams, Cinéma du réel introduces a discontinuity in the relentless unfolding of reality, allowing us to face our contemporary.

Discover the cinematic territories this 46th edition will explore:


Approximately 40 films, including twenty feature films and twenty short films (French and world premiere).

First window

A selection of filmmakers’ documentary debuts, in partnership with Mediapart, to sound out the future of documentary filmmaking.

The Benning experience

A keen observer of American history and an explorer of its territory, James Benning will present a subjective and autobiographical journey through his work.

Using still shots that stretch out over time, Benning has made films that explore nature and its appropriation by man. This key figure of American independent cinema has presented numerous films at Cinéma du réel. In 2018, he won the festival’s Grand Prix with L. Cohen.

The intimate is political, Claudia Von Alemann retrospective

A student of Alexander Kluge, the German feminist filmmaker Claudia Von Alemann shot her first films amid the tumult of 1968, driven by a desire—shared with others—to make counter-information films (Ce n’est qu’un début, continuons le combat, 1968).
Over time, her films moved into more intimate and personal territory, without ever losing sight of political objectives (Le Voyage à Lyon, 1981; Nuits claires, 1988…).

Where body and mind stagger, Jean-Charles Hue retrospective

For over twenty years, the French artist and filmmaker Jean-Charles Hue has been working alongside the Yenish community in France and with destitute populations in Tijuana, creating works that convey a vibrant, chaotic, and dangerous reality. Jean-Charles Hue’s camera clings to bodies, embraces danger, positioning itself at the eye of the storm and capturing forcefully embodied images.

A whole night – Tribute to Marie-Pierre Duhamel Müller (1952-2023)

A great programmer who excelled at passing on her love of films, Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Müller was General Delegate of Cinéma du réel from 2005 to 2008—and much, much more. The festival will pay tribute to this guiding force through a selection of films reflecting Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Müller’s tastes and finds. A night dedicated to remembering an inspiring figure, her great knowledge, her wit, and her curious mind.

And more…

Festival conversations: common, commons/// Popular Front(s): uprising(s)// Special screenings: sneak previews, rare and unreleased films… //// ParisDOC, the festival’s industry platform.