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The Documentary Film School

Sat 30
Pompidou Petite salle
Entrée libre / Free Entry

A proposal from SRF
(Société des réalisatrices et réalisateurs de films)

– stagings, devices, reconstructions, reconstitutions and fictions

Beyond the simple capture or use of devices in which it is sometimes confined, could we say, taking our inspiration from Francis Bacon’s definition that painting is “setting a trap to catch the living”[i], that documentary directing consists of setting traps to catch the real?

For the documentary ‘continent’, that ‘other of cinema'[ii], the impure art par excellence in the words of André Bazin, is a place teeming with all manner of filmic possibilities and gestures: from clean lines to skilful hybridisations, the relationship with reality is constantly renewed, reinterrogated, challenged and evaded.

Drawing on very real experiences, and as close as possible to the making of the films of each and every one of us, this discussion will attempt to pinpoint a few paths – cross-cutting ones, as it should be – with the compass or the vanishing line of concern for what remains fragile and uncertain in us, that is to say, for what resists in spite of everything, what pulsates in secret: the truth of the living.

[i] (In interviews with David Sylvester)
[ii]  Jean Breschand, L’Autre cinéma.

In the presence of the filmmakers:

• Christophe Cognet
Parce que j’étais peintre, l’art rescapé des camps nazis, 2013
À pas aveugles, 2021
Nicolas Klotz
La Blessure, 2004
Low Life, 2011
L’Héroïque Lande, la frontière brûle (coréalisatrice : Élisabeth Perceval), 2018
Quand la maison brûle (coréalisatrice : Élisabeth Perceval), 2022
• Isabelle Ingold
Des jours et des nuits sur l’aire, 2016
Ailleurs, partout (coréalisatrice : Vivianne Perelmuter), 2020
• Vivianne Perelmuter
Le Vertige des possibles, 2014
Ailleurs, partout (coréalisatrice : Isabelle Ingold), 2020
• Marie Dumora
Belinda, 2017
Forbach Swing, 2019
Loin de vous j’ai grandi, 2020

Sat 30
Pompidou Petite salle
Entrée libre / Free Entry