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Thomas Lacoste

Thomas Lacoste was born in 1972. Between 1999 and 2005, he created and directed the transdisciplinary festival of contemporary creations Rencontres Internationales de l’Ordinaire (RIO) in Bordeaux.
In 2006, before the presidential campaign of 2007, he launched and animated L’Autre campagne, which led to a book of the same name.
In 2007, he directed the documentaries Réfutations, Universités en danger and Université, le grand soir on the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy and hosted a video blog for Libération.
In 2008, he released a new film Rétention de sûreté – Une peine infinie, co-produced with the Syndicat de la magistrature, which opposes the law of the same name adopted on February 25, 2008.
In 2009, he launched La Bande Passante, an international network of critical thinking, contemporary creations and alternative practices.
In 2013, he directed the film Notre monde. Since 2017, his work has developed around the exit of the armed conflict in the Basque Country. In this framework, he directs three films, including a feature film, L’hypothèse démocratique – Une histoire basque.