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Showcasing contemporary documentary productions from a thriving global scene, Cinéma du Réel invites viewers to experience the world and films through a variety of visions, a wide range of practices and a broad mix of cinematic approaches.

Films drift from the minds of filmmakers to the minds of viewers. Because of this, filmmaking is an exercise in complicity, or perhaps in collusion, between filmmakers and viewers who get to experience another universe and vision than their own. While films give us access to others as well as to the distance between us, documentary films have the power of reminding us that we all live in the same world.

It is important that we explore this world without letting ourselves be mystified by the continuous flow of events. Films that disrupt and upset our worldviews, that confront us with other desires, other aspirations and dreams create a discontinuity in the relentless unfolding of reality. This discontinuity engages us, surprises us, challenges us and delights us. It keeps us from being blinded by the darkness and lets us look our contemporaries in the eye. This is the direction taken by the films and the filmmakers present this year at Cinéma du Réel.