Who Is Afraid of Ideology + Je n'ai plus peur de la nuit

  • Marwa Arsanios
  • 2019
    • Lebanon
    • Kurdistan
    • Syria
  • 51 min

As an introduction, standing on a stony path, director Marwa Arsanios faces the camera and wonders: “What does it mean to belong to a place? What does it mean to “be here”? What does the word “nature” encompass? What does it imply when we say “we”? These political questions arise...

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  • Leïla Porcher
  • Sarah Guillemet
  • 2019
    • France
  • 72 min

In the mountains between Iraq and Iran, two Kurdish women, Helia and Sama, decide to enroll in guerrilla training to confront the violence they had experienced in Iran. In the party’s camp at  Komala, they began their political and military training alongside 20 male comrades. Caught between aspirations for freedom...

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