Léthé + L'Homme qui penche

  • Christophe Pellet
  • 2019
    • France
  • 16 min

River Léthé, the river of  hell, allows the dead who cross it to forget the memories of their life. As evening falls on a small Greek island, is the boat that enters the bay at the beginning of the film there to disembark the living or take away the dead?...

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  • Marie-Violaine Brincard
  • Olivier Dury
  • 2020
    • France
  • 94 min

“This tiny thing, he says, is a whole book.” The first poem by Thierry Metz that we hear in the film hints at what the poet’s oeuvre will be. Poetry is everywhere – in small household things, in a resting body, in men working on the building site.  The film...

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