Limbo + Makongo

  • Alexander L. Fattal
  • 2019
    • Colombia
    • United States
  • 25 min

The anthropologist and documentary artist Alexander L. Fattal has imagined a congruent dispositif to gather testimony from former FARC members who have returned to civilian life. Limbo focuses on one of them named Alex. Travelling along Colombia’s mountain roads inside a truck transformed into a camera obscura, Fattal lets the...

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  • Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino
  • 2020
    • Central African Republic
    • Argentina
    • Italy
  • 72 min

For his first film, Elvis Sabin follows Albert and André, Central African Aka Pygmies, along with their community in a camp deep in the forest. They were the last of the village’s children to have attended school and have decided to transmit their knowledge by opening classes in the Pygmy...

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