Subject to Review + Those That, at a Distance, Resemble Another

  • Theo Anthony
  • 2019
    • United States
  • 36 min

The author of essay-films as dense as they are accessible, subtle and seductive, including Rat Film, which follows the tracks of rodents to explore Baltimore’s social history, Theo Anthony returns with Subject to Review, an investigation into tennis umpiring techniques which was produced (and broadcast!) by the American sports channel...

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  • Jessica Sarah Rinland
  • 2019
    • United Kingdom
    • Argentina
    • Spain
  • 67 min

The first documentary feature from the Argentinian-British artist Jessica Sarah Rinland prolongs the work already begun in her previous shorts on the different forms of conserving the living, notably zoological. Filmed mainly in close shots, the processes used by conservators worldwide to ensure the integrity of their artefacts cluster around...

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