David and the Kingdom + La strada per le montagne

  • Brian Paccione
  • Woodrow Travers
  • 2018
    • United States
  • 22 min

David is alone in his tiny kingdom, a corner in north-western USA. The murmuring trees and the sky over his head are all he needs; then, there are the animals, to whom he gives the love that he was unable to give to people, not even his son. But his...

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  • Micol Roubini
  • 2019
    • France
    • Italy
  • 82 min

Western Ukraine. The small village of Jamna. A long wall controlled by rest­less armed guards. Beyond the wall, a sanatorium and an old wooden house. Around the wall, a small but deter­mined film crew and a director attempting to find their way to the mountains. The old wooden house looks...

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