Tsuma Musume Haha + Pay-Less Monument

  • Alain Della Negra
  • Kaori Kinoshita
  • 2019
    • France
  • 30 min

How are Japanese men coping since women disappeared? A fictional premise tacitly undergirds Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita’s several-year-long documenting of modern-day love relationships. If such a disconcerting speculation exists, it is because several phenomena are there to substantiate it. First, of course, the sincere love that humans give...

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  • Théodora Barat
  • 2018
    • France
  • 44 min

Thomas Edison’s laboratory, a for­mer military base, the premises of a ufology association… In these diffe­rent venues, orators extol the Ameri­can genius and spirit of conquest, with the consummate art of storytel­ling. But Pay-Less Monument tells its story as much in the interstices separating each sequence as in the sequences...

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