Alterations / Kô Murobushi + Dans l'oeil du chien

  • Basile Doganis
  • 2018
    • France
  • 49 min

 “No origin, no purpose, no departure point, no arrival, the body’s zero hour”. The trembling image of Basile Doganis’ film accompanies the bur­ning body of Japanese butoh dancer Kô Murobushi during a long slow dance in suspension. From one image to another, the lights projected onto his body and the...

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  • Laure Portier
  • 2019
    • France
    • Belgium
  • 38 min

The grandmother shown in the can­did opening shot is seated on her sofa to the humming of a refrigerator, hunched under the film’s obstinate gaze, swatting the odd fly to ease the discomfort caused by the camera. The grandmother is in fact ill. A disease is eating away her face...

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