Salesse + Nofinofy

  • Geoffrey Chambord
  • 2018
    • France
  • 17 min

The swallows and wind sing as if there were no one left in Salesse. Yet, beneath them someone is busy… an ogre. There is a lot to do in the under­growth, in front of the building stan­ding there like some monumental vestige. The ogre is at work, hobbling from one...

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  • Michaël Andrianaly
  • 2019
    • Madagascar
    • France
  • 72 min

“Hairdressing, is one of the finest trades: you touch the head of ano­ther human being.” When doing so, Romeo also seems to encounter fears, anger and the dreams that lend the film its title. An itinerant huis clos, Nofinofy follows this arti­san as he searches for a decent place to...

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