Séance CNAP-FID-Réel

  • Khaled Abdulwahed
  • 2018
    • Germany
  • 26 min

A photograph taken in 1998 in Syria of a cactus field, a plant known for its resilience. War and its havoc have been there. Out of the field, a formerly familiar space for Khaled Abdulwahed, there only remains, or so we hear, this photograph. The point will consist in warding...

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  • Joana Hadjithomas
  • Khalil Joreige
  • 2003
    • Lebanon
    • France
  • 42 min

It all began with an email. On 22 May 2000 a copy of the artists’ first feature Around the Pink House, disappeared in Yemen in strange circumstances, and on a historic day: the tenth anniversary of the reunification of South and North Yemen. As Lebanese filmmakers, they lived in a...

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