Los que desean + Una corriente salvaje

  • Elena López Riera
  • 2018
    • Switzerland
    • Spain
  • 24 min

Two list of names frame this crisp and lithesome film from Elena Lopez Riera. Over the loudspeaker, the judge of a pigeon-training competition first lists the varyingly fanciful sobri­quets – Ford Fiesta, Festival, I’m Unemployed – of the multi-coloured pigeons that have just taken off in a race based not...

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  • Nuria Ibañez Castañeda
  • 2018
    • Mexico
  • 75 min

The ocean, the beach, and immedia­tely after the desert. A grandiose site, a desolate territory, where two men, Chico and Omar, seem to be stranded, surviving thanks to their fishing, soli­tary, isolated. Out of this world, out of time, where day turns to night without any passage of time, where...

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