Labour/Leisure + Taurunum Boy

  • Jessica Johnson
  • Ryan Ermacora
  • 2019
    • Canada
  • 19 min

A place of rest, a place of leisure, the valley of Okanagan in southwest Canada welcomes tourists and their appetite for holidaymaking. Moving from a wide-angle shot of an impec­cable golf course to another showing a lavish villa overlooking planta­tions, the film switches focus to visit and shed light on...

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  • Dušan Grubin
  • Jelena Maksimović
  • 2018
    • Serbia
  • 70 min

Taurunum was the Roman name for Zemun municipality, today attached to Belgrade and very proud of its football club. The boys are like all boys: loudmouthed, stubborn, nume­rous. But here, under the reign of hooligan law and an ancestral viri­lity that no one dreams of challen­ging, they are even more...

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