Parsi + Diz a ela que me viu chorar

  • Eduardo Williams
  • Mariano Blatt
  • 2019
    • Argentina
    • Switzerland
    • Guinea-Bissau
  • 23 min

Translated into Guinea-Bissau creole “parece” (“it seems”) gives “parsi”. Invented on the basis of a cumulative poem by his compatriot, Mariano Blatt, whose lines all begin with “parece que”, Eduardo Williams’ film captures the poem’s driving force – literally, driven to haste. Here is a piling-up of impressions and ideas,...

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  • Maíra Bühler
  • 2019
    • Brazil
  • 85 min

Parque Dom Pedro hotel in the centre of São Paulo lodges hundreds of street people, who often suffer from drug problems and come from the country’s most disadvantaged com­munities, While a painful past slips into conversations and weighs on the residents’ gestures and looks, something else entirely is being played...

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