Blue Boy + Bewegungen eines nahen Bergs

  • Manuel Abramovich
  • 2019
    • Germany
    • Argentina
  • 18 min

Seven young men alone in a deserted bar with a film crew and the sound of their own voices as their only compa­nions. This device allows the spectator to scrutinise the micro-movements that cross their faces, and it is all too tempting: what is one of the boys thinking when...

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  • Sebastian Brameshuber
  • 2019
    • Austria
    • France
  • 85 min

In his third feature, Sebastian Brameshuber purposefully recycles some images from Of Stains, Scrap and Tires (2014), a 16mm short filmed in the same car business nestled at the foot of the Austrian Alps, below the mists of Erzberg, one of the country’s largest iron ore deposits and mined since...

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