Altiplano + Hamada

  • Malena Szlam
  • 2018
    • Chile
    • Argentina
    • Canada
  • 15 min

Altiplano is a vast plateau in the Andean Mountains in the centre of Latin America, dominated by active volcanos. This land spanning nearly 1,500 km between Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina has been inten­sively mined over many years for its nitrate reserves, displacing many communities. Filming in 16mm, blown up...

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  • Eloy Domínguez Serén
  • 2018
    • Sweden
    • Norway
    • Denmark
  • 88 min

In Arabic, hamada denotes the high stony plateaus where the sand has been almost totally swept away by the winds. For the Sahrawis – literally the “inhabitants of the desert” –, the word designates a state of emptiness and absence of life. But also, as we understand from the start...

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