Saule Marceau + Los Arboles

  • Juliette Achard
  • 2017
    • France
    • Belgium
  • 34 min

“As children, when the form of a large tree or a rock caught our attention, we’d call it a Marceau willow.” Juliette Achard’s film resembles the strange form that she and her elder brother used to pinpoint in the natural environment during their childhood. Admittedly, the filmmaker has come to...

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  • Mariano Luque
  • 2017
    • Argentina
  • 61 min

The “trees” of the title are those planted by Macias, the filmmaker’s grandfather and an outstanding landscaper-gardener who created the forested landscape “El Silencio”, in the mountains near Córdoba in Argentina. The death of the nonagenarian, whom he had scarcely known, gives Mariano Luque the opportunity to meet the children...

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