jeny303 + Dom Boraca

  • Laura Huertas Millán
  • 2018
    • Colombia
    • France
  • 6 min

“Passing by a bedroom, at the party, I saw people heating heroin. I wanted to try it out on my body…” Accompanied by the voice-over of Jeny – a young transsexual filmed during her rehab –, the camera wanders around building 303, Bogota’s architectural icon. A chance encounter: a few...

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  • Ivan Ramljak
  • 2018
    • Croatia
  • 49 min

This modernist building whose large bay windows open onto the mountains could be a university. But, apparently, there is not a soul in sight – to the point that Ivan Ramljak’s static shots at first seem to freeze into photographs. And for good reason: the Communist authorities built the Memorial...

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