Pour un autre 68 : Womanists

  • Sarah Maldoror
  • 1968
    • Algeria
  • 18 min

Sarah Maldoror, whose first film was produced with the assistance of the Conference of National Organisations of the Portuguese Colonies and technical aid from the National People’s Army, consciously decided against “descriptive realism” and for a mimetic depiction of feelings. This film stands for a cinema that serves the cause...

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  • Madeline Anderson
  • 1970
    • United States
  • 30 min

A cinematic snapshot of the civil rights movement across the United States in the 1960s. I Am Somebody documents the 1969 strike of Black hospital workers in Charleston, South Carolina, over the course of which more than a thousand strikers, students, and civil rights activists were jailed. All but twelve of the...

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  • Sara Gómez
  • 1969
    • Cuba
  • 33 min

An illustration of the difficulties women encounter when they seek to achieve economic integration and equality with men in a country at the height of revolution.

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