Pour un autre 68 Guerrilla Media

  • Helke Sander
  • 1968
    • Germany
  • 48 min

This film not only documents but also reflects upon the campaign of the New German Leftagainst the media power of the publishing house Springer, which still publishes the most powerful right-wing tabloid Bild, and which tried to instigate public opinion against the student movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Sander analyses Springer’sinfluence...

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  • Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
  • 1970
    • Brazil
  • 9 min

“A linguagem da persuasão is an essay film on the manipulative power that commercial media wields over contemporary consumers. De Andrade visits trade schools in which specialists are trained in this new persuasive and efficient language. Advertising dominates modern life: it is literally incorporated into the physical construction of urban space...

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  • Helena Lumbreras
  • Mariano Lisa
  • 1970
    • Spain
  • 37 min

The anti-Franco filmmakers Helena Lumbreras and Mariano Lisa analyse the power of the State media and call for the production of clandestine publications. This essay film is structured in three large segments edited with a vertiginous montage that associates press clippings, photographs and newspaper headlines. Lumbreras and Lisa show images...

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