Pour un autre 68 : Palestine

  • Kais al-Zubaidi
  • 1970
    • Syria
  • 10 min

While most films about Palestinian resistance heavily leaned on arealistic register, seen as the most “appropriate” form of political engagement, Kais al-Zubaidi’s The Visit stands out for its formal audacity. An oneiric and nocturnal film poem: with his technical virtuosity and his formal expressionism, Kais al-Zubaidi confutes the prejudice that frames Middle-Eastern cinema...

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  • Christian Ghazi
  • 1971
    • Lebanon
  • 64 min

Rejecting all propagandistic or narrative convention, Ghazi combines documentary and abstract sequences with a series of discontinuous plot lines to organise an attack on the bourgeois decadence of Beirut’s political milieu. The film’s episodic structure, eerie sound design, and daring lead performance become a stinging critique of the revolution’s cultural...

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  • Paul Roussopoulos
  • Carole Roussopoulos
  • 1972
    • France
  • 13 min

September 1972. A Palestinian commandocalled “Black September”, takes hostage the Israeli delegation of the Munich Olympics. This harsh film pamphlet, which denounces the hypocrisy of the so-called “Olympic peace”, mixes archival footage from TV and images shot in refugee camps in Jordan in September 1971, during the repression byKing Hussein's...

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