Salarium + Olhe bem as montanhas

  • Ana Vaz
  • 2018
    • Brazil
    • France
  • 30 min

“Look closely at the mountains!”: this imperative came from the artist Manfredo de Souzanetto during Brazil’s years of dictatorship. Miningactivities were destroying the environment in the State of Minas Gerais in the South-West of the country. Through the editing, Ana Vaz draws a parallel between this region and the very...

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  • Sasha Litvintseva
  • Daniel Mann
  • 2017
    • United Kingdom
  • 42 min

Just like sinkholes – these gaping holes that, since the 1980s, have damaged the roads and tourist sites along the shores of the Dead Sea (which bathes Israel but also Jordan and the occupied West Bank) at breathtaking speed – Salarium causes a collapse in the viewers’ perception: it obliterates their conception...

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