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How GB Whatsapp Is Different From Other Apps?

The GB Whatsapp Android app is a replica of the original WhatsApp, but with some changes made and additional features included. It functions the same as your normal WhatsApp but for few changes, it's not accessible on the Google Play app and has to download via its own site in the form of APK files. The main difference it has from its old version is that you can see all recent messages from your friend in this new version and this is possible only if you're signed up to Google play services. It also has a new interface and looks very much similar to Android devices. But the real strength of this application is that it acts just like an authentic smartphone. You can make calls and send text messages and so on.

GB Whatsapp

How GB Whatsapp Is Different From Other Apps?

This messaging app doesn't use your data plan even though it looks like one. Unlike regular SMS apps, you don't have to pay extra for messages sent to or from unknown sources. The GB Whatsapp app claims that it allows you to send up to a whopping one million messages for free. However, there are certain limits to this and these limits are mentioned in the user agreement you have to agree to before you start using the program.

The biggest selling point of GB Whatsapp is that it acts just like an ordinary messaging app. You can switch between different views including draft, conversation, and inbox. You can also see all recent messages, conversations, and emails in the activity stream. However, the real strength of this messaging applies in its security feature and it offers various privacy options according to your privacy settings.

The Eye Candy Features Of GB Whatsapp

  1. The first privacy option offered by GB Whatsapp is called "last seen." As the name suggests, this setting tells whether or not you have seen a particular message in the last seven days. The last seen setting is only available for some of the users on the Android interface. This means that the feature cannot be found on the interface for all users. For this reason, if you want to use the feature, you may have to make a tradeoff.
  2. The second option for GB Whatsapp is the side view status. This is a feature provided by GB Whatsapp, which enables you to block specific contacts and groups from viewing your message in the chat conversation. You can choose to hide the status bar, the entire message, or just the part of the message you want to hide. With the help of a PIN, you can also block the entire list of contacts. The last known status can also be accessed from the call log or contacts list.
  3. The third option that can be found in this unique messaging GB Whatsapp app is the hide second tick option. As the name suggests, this feature enables a user to mark a message as unread so that it does not appear when another message appears. To do this, simply tap on the message you would like to mark as unread. A menu will come out and you can select the Unread message option. If you have already read the message, you can re-mark the message as read, delete it, or mark it As you can see, this particular feature from GB Whatsapp is very useful as it helps you to manage multiple messages with ease.
  4. The last two privacy options that are available for this unique messaging app are the hidden timer and hide last seen options. With the hidden timer, you can set the time when your message will disappear from the list of available conversations. The last seen option lets you specify a specific date and time when the message from a specific contact will no longer appear on the list. You may adjust these privacy options according to your needs and requirements.


Overall, the best thing about GB Whatsapp is that it offers a lot of useful features at a very competitive price. This unique service offers an organized way of communication with people around the world. The best part is that this chatting program also offers some great benefits to the users at an affordable price. It also has the added advantage of allowing you to send and receive messages from various contacts as per your preferences.