<p>16h-18h : Encounter with the CNC</p> <p>In the presence of Xavier Lardoux, Director of Cinema at the CNC and Morad Kertobi, Chief of Short Films Department. Moderated by Dominique Barneaud (Bellota Films) and Julie Paratian (Sister productions).</p>

<p>2:00 – 4:00 pm Case studies</p> <p>Presented by Eugénie Michel-Villette (Les Films du Bilboquet) and Raphaël Pillosio (l’atelier documentaire).</p> <p>"Avant la fin de l’été", Maryam Goormaghtigh (4à4, Shellac, Upside)<br />"Premières solitudes", Claire Simon (Sophie Dulac)<br />"Demons in Paradise", Jude Ratnam (Sister productions, Survivance, Upside)</p> <p>4:00 pm – 6:00 pm : Encounter with the CNC</p> <p>Presented by Dominique Barneaud (Bellota Films) and Julie Paratian (Sister productions).</p>

<p>At the outset, cinema was documentary. Today, documentaries are widely screened in film theatres and the general public is coming to watch them. Yet, writing and producing a documentary for cinema means facing a host of difficulties given that the system for funding filmmaking is mainly geared to fiction films: from writing to exhibition, what is the specific trajectory of a documentary film? What avenues should be explored for documentary filmmaking so that the place of the documentary can assert itself within a new landscape in the film industry?</p> <p>Round table facilitated by Rebecca Houzel (Petit à Petit):</p> <p>From writing to exhibition, the trajectory of a documentary film, with authors, producers and distributors.</p> <p>With Julie Bertuccelli (Scam), Aleksandra Chevreux (Docks66, SDI), Carine Chichkowski (Survivance, Nous sommes le documentaire), François Farellacci (SRF), Régis Sauder (Acid, La Boucle documentaire), Édouard Mauriat (Mille et une productions, SPI), Jean-Marie Barbe (Tënk).</p>