Compétition internationale

Wan Mei Xian Zai Shi


Shengze Zhu

2019États-UnisR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong123 minNoir & blanc

Live-streaming has exploded in China and become one of the most profitable industries over the past several years. While it produces enormous revenues and numerous “Internet celebrities”, it also provides a popular gathering place for masses of Chinese netizens. People that would never cross paths in the real world are now connected in virtual showrooms and interact in real-time, and one could instantaneously experience what others are experiencing. Such digital hangouts become unprecedentedly crucial for those craving for social connection but shunned in real life because of their identity, disability and social-economic status. PRESENT.PERFECT. weaves together a diverse range of moments and occurrences filmed and broadcasted by little-known Chinese live-streaming anchors from various parts of China, including a street dancer, a tower crane operator, a man with Idiopathic Short Stature, a girl with Muscular Dystrophy, a middle-aged farmer, a young single mother, and among others. What they cherish most in the streaming craze is not fame or fortune, but a companionship they could hardly seek in real life. Although this virtual community doesn’t exist physically, the shared emotions and feelings generated through virtual togetherness are real.

Née en Chine, et vivant à présent à Chicago, Shengze Zhu est une réalisatrice et productrice de films documentaires. Son second long métrage documentaire Another Year (2016) a obtenu le Prix du meilleur film au Festival international Visions du Réel ; il a également reçu le Grand Prix aux Rencontres Interna­tionales du Documentaire de Montréal. Present.Perfect. est son troisième long métrage 

  • PRODUCTION : Zhengfan Yang (Burn The Film), Yang Wang (Tender Madness Pictures)