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Signal 8

Simon Liu

2019R.A.S. chinoise de Hong KongÉtats-UnisRoyaume-Uni14 minCouleur

“Simon Liu’s eerie, entrancing portrait of contemporary Hong Kong tracks a series of strange disruptions to the city’s infrastructure. Deceptively tranquil 16mm images of everyday life are accompanied by muffled music cues, ominous radio transmissions, and intimations of an impending hazardous event that may never arrive.” — New York Film Festival, Projections

“Disconnected from the flow of daily life, Simon Liu’s incursion into the alienation of Hong Kong is an enigmatic symphony of the city’s discordance and fury. Something belies the trance cast by this tapestry of 16mm images—is it unrest or is it complacency? Or is it already too late?” — MUBI

“They said a storm is calling this way but we’re still waiting. Lives carry on in Hong Kong as traces of civic upkeep morph into sites of remembrance. Decorative structures mimic nature then occasionally malfunction – transforming common spectacle to warning signs. An exercise in anticipatory energy and a rain song for tomorrow.” — Simon Liu

Simon Liu

Originaire de Hong Kong, Simon Liu vit désormais à Brooklyn. Ses films et ses projections 16 mm ont été présentés à différents festivals et dans le cadre d’évènements institutionnels. En 2019, il est membre de la Jerome Hill Artist Fellowhsip, ainsi que professeur associé au sein de la Cooper Union School of Art. Liu travaille actuellement à la post-production de Staffordshire Hoard, son premier long-métrage.

  • PRODUCTION : Rachael Lawe (LiuFilmsLiu), Simon Liu
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