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[Play-Doc Festival 2022]

Six films of the 43rd and 44th occasions of Cinéma du réel programmed at the Play-Doc Festival, Tui, Spain, 4 – 8 may :

  • Journal d’Amérique, France, Arnaud des Pallières, Special screening
  • The Tomb of Kaka, France, Jean-Claude Rousseau, French selection
  • Agrilogistics, Spain, Gerard Ortín Castellví, International selection
  • Caught in the rain, Belgium, Elie Maissin & Mieriën Coppens, Inernational selection
  • Polycephaly in D, United States, Michael Robinson, International selection
  • Silbario, France, Marine de Contes, Cinéma du réel 2021

Photo : Journal d’Amérique