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Yana Sad
Russia, Germany
Wed 29
screening for distribution professionals only

It is my essay. In 2022 my country invaded Ukraine. The constant presence of war in my cozy Russian daily life gets mixed with the break up with my man. I fall in love with a woman. She thinks about making a protest action against the regime. Cancer is found in her lungs. She chokes. Our dates through the hospital doors get mixed up with the symbolic scenery of my city calling to kill. But we love, laugh and have sex despite her illness and mutated reality. The war goes on – to protest is useless. I have cured her. She breathes easier and runs abroad. I farewell to my previous life and my home city, which now chokes me. I am still scared but I am ready to follow her.

Yana Sad was born in 1986. Graduated from the Moscow School of New Cinema as a film director. Participated as a director and producer in international Labs and Markets. Took part in the FilmSchoolFestMunich 2022 (Germany) as a jury member. Lived and worked in Russia as a director of fiction and documentary films, a creative and stage director of theatre projects. In 2022 left Russia for political reasons. Currently lives and works in Germany.

Wed 29
screening for distribution professionals only
Stage :
rough cut
Completion :
September 1st, 2023
Screening version length :
77 min
Expected final length :
74 min
Production :
Yana Sad Autoproduction / Gregory Bagaev
Production contact : /
Funds :
Own funding

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