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Francesca Bertin
Volker Sattel
2022 Germany, Italy 86 min Language: Italian

The Tara, a river close to Taranta, is said to have healing properties; bathing there is a tradition for the city’s inhabitants, in a region where myths come up against reality and where so-called “progress” has taken a heavy toll on nature and society.

Francesca Bertin (Italy, 1985) is a film director and visual artist. In her artistic practice, she focuses on the themes of identity, memory, and space. Through the documentary approach, she creates observations and audiovisual interpretations of architecture and landscape with which her protagonists connect.
Francesca holds a M.A. in Film at the Academy of Fine Art in Hamburg (2021) and a M.A. in Law at the University of Trento (2011). She participated in the Professional Media Master Class in Halle (Saale) in 2014. Her films were shown and awarded in various international festivals.
Francesca is part of the selection committee of the film festival Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg. She lives and works in Hamburg and is a resident in the Künstler:innenhaus Vorwerk-Stift.

Volker Sattel was born in 1970 in Speyer/Rhine, Germany. He studied filmmaking and photography at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg between 1993 and 1999. Since then, he has directed and produced documentaries that have been shown at festivals and on television, as well as other artistic projects, including those with Olaf Nicaolai and Daniel Klein, musician Tim Elzer (Don’t dolby/Cologne), and author Mario Mentrup, with whom he co-founded the company Vakant Film in 2005. Sattel’s work has received several awards, including the Schnittpreis of the VG Bild-Kunst in Bonn and the Gerd Ruge Fellowship, both won in 2011 for the film Under Control. In 2013 he was a researcher at the Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto with Stefanie Gaus, with whom he made the film Beyond Metabolism (2014). In 2016 he directed La Cupola, an essay on a singular house that belonged to Michelangelo Antonioni and Monica Vitti.

Production :
FuFi Film
Photography :
Volker Sattel
Sound :
Filipp Forberg, Tim Elzer
Editing :
Bettina Blickwede
Print source :
FuFi Film -

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