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Working in territories in need of images

Partnered by Les Yeux de l’Ouïe

Round table accessible only to French speakers

Since 2020, Cinéma du réel and the association Les Yeux de l’Ouïe have been working together to reach out to “out of reach” audiences, those for whom culture is not, a priori, a basic need. What interest can there be in working artistically with people who are detained, ill, refugees, in precarious situations and, more generally, in “social disengagement”? To ensure the right to culture? Supporting resocialisation? And what should be asked of artistic projects: to develop an “occupational activity”, to believe in the “cultural miracle”, or to invent, each time, a process of fabrication and production where artists and amateurs commit themselves to a common project? This commitment – which always questions the dissymmetry between professional and amateur – takes several forms: participating individually, co-writing with the people concerned or bringing the idea and the image to life in the other. It forces everyone to move, to dare to go beyond their own perimeter, to cross the border that would separate “their private business from the affairs of the City”. And, in an era immersed in a jungle of images and self-staging, how to make another image emerge from the visual flow, an elsewhere. In order to get out of the strict cinematographic framework, several personalities from dance, music, theatre or photography will come to think about their experimentation and singular way of “moving towards the image”, according to Fernand Deligny’s formula.

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Frédéric Borgia – director of Ciné-Ligue des Hauts de France


Kamel Regaya and Anne Toussaint
directors, Les Yeux de l’Ouïe
Nicolas Frize
composer, Les musiques de la boulangère
Claire Jenny
choreographer, compagnie Point Virgule
Michel Séméniako
photographer, plastic artist
Sandra Iché and Renaud Golo
choreographer, scenographer, collectif Travaux Public
Arno Bertina
poet, novelist and co-director of atelier La Collection de La Maison de la Poésie