Focus Yolande Zauberman

Would You Have Sex With an Arab?

Yolande Zauberman

2012France77 minColour

The aim of exploring a society through the prism of inti­macy is nothing new in the cinema of Yolande Zauberman. It has even been a constant since her first feature, Classified People (1987), filmed in South Africa. This time the filmmaker focuses on a more insidious form of apartheid by questioning Israelis from both the Jewish majority and Arab minority (one in five Israelis) on whether they could envisage having a relationship with someone from outside their community. A question that echoes the question of the film’s title, or its corollary, “would you have sex with an Israeli Jew?”… 

Like the “are you happy?” used by Marceline Loridan to question passers-by in Paris in her Chronique d’un été, Yolande Zauberman’s indiscreet question takes the night-owls by surprise. More than a directly political question would have done, she forces them to very clearly reveal something of themselves – if only through what suddenly appears in their eyes or body language…The conflict that most of us, French spectators, know only in rather abstract terms is suddenly fleshed out in the stories that the respondents confide to the camera. 
–Olivia Cooper-Hadjian, septembre 2012, 

Yolande Zauberman made her debut in cinema working alongside Amos Gitai. In 1987 she directed her first documentary Classified People.
Three years later, she directed her first feature film, Me Ivan, You Abraham, then followed her two films Clubbed to Death (1996) and The War in Paris (2001).
In 2011, her documentary film Would You Have Sex with an Arab?, was selected at the Venice International Film Festival. 

  • PRODUCTION : Screenrunner, Jean-Luc Ormières, Phobics, Studio 37, Motek Power, Film Factory (Israël), Commune Image Media, Les Films du Cherche-Midi, Lorette Production