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Water Has No Borders

წყალს არ აქვს საზღვრები

Maradia Tsaava

Georgia, France

After the civil war in the 90s Georgia lost control over Abkhazian region and a huge hydro power station was split by the borderline. The one and only connection left between the rivalling regions is a 15-kilometre tunnel carrying the water and connecting the two parts.

Film director is trying to cross the borderline to see the other side and engineer-technician Irakli is her main guide. Each and every attempt to cross the line through legal possibilities is a failure, but the journey takes them to some hidden, secret stories, which are undiscoverable at first glance, like the tunnel under the ground.



  • Maradia Tsaava is a freelance journalist working for different local and international media organizations. After MA program of Multimedia Journalism and Media Management at Georgian Institute of Public affairs, she is mostly doing multimedia and transmedia projects at different media organizations and creating visual content for social media outlets. Water Has No Borders is her first full-length documentary film.


  • Mariam Chachia is a documentary film director and producer.In 2014 she founded film production company OpyoDoc.has been working as a tutor for documentary film development for the last 4 years. She has been a jury member for several festivals and participated in a number of workshops and programs.



Production : OpyoDoc (Georgia), Faites un vœu (France)
Statut : rough cut
Completion : july 2021
Screening version length : 85 mn
Expected final length : 75 mn
Funds : Georgian National Film Center, Development grant Région Bourgogne Franche Comté, Production grant Région Bourgogne Franche Comté, Procirep angoa development grant
In partnership with:


production :

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