#04 Pierre Creton

Un dieu à la peau douce

Pierre Creton

2019France6 mn

In a sequence shot, the slightly slowed movement of hands manipulating and caressing the surface, whose texture is like skin criss-crossed with scars, a wax sculpture that is vaguely anthropomorphic. The sound is the voice of Mathieu Amalric, giving a raw account of three nights of sex that Simon shares with Robert and Nessim, their African lover. With this ball of black matter, a dark satellite seemingly detached from its feature film, Pierre Creton reveals the night-time, and painful, reverse shot of Bel été’s gentle community Utopia. (C.N.)

Production : Andolfi, Arnaud Dommerc
Cinematography : Pierre Creton, avec l’aide de Léo Gil Ména
Sound : Michel Bertrou
Editing : Pierre Creton
With : Yves Edouard & Mathieu Amalric
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