Tropic of Cancer

  • Eugenio Polgovsky
  • 2004
    • Mexico
  • 53 min
  • Colour
  • Production
  • Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica
  • Print source
  • Mara Polgovsky

In Tropic of Cancer, I followed the members of a family in the Mexican desert. They haunted wild animals in order to survive, then transported them to the side of a highway where they were sold to the people who were driving from town to town. There I could see that children were working a lot : they are very important for the economy of the family. In my travelling around the country I have noticed the same activity everywhere.” (Eugenio Polgovsky)
Tropic of Cancer, a description of the practices enabling a Mexican family to survive between an age-old desert and modern-day highway, received the Joris Ivens award at Cinéma du Réel in 2005. – Nicole Brenez


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    Original Version Subtitled in French presented by Patrico Guzmán

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